Inside of Mobile

    KORTRIJK INTERIEUR BIENNALE 2012 'Introductory'  
  Jetske Visser
    During the Kortrijk Interieur Biennale 2012 Inside of Mobile launched its first presentation.

Inside of Mobile explores the possibilities for creating a new understanding of contemporary design via a unique combination of consecutive presentations. These will serve as the visualizetion of an ongoing research into the formation of a new design manifesto.

The Introductory presentation at the INTERIEUR Biennial introduced the audience with the numerous possibilities and different developments within the design field. This presentation, as a prologue, was focussed on the diversity of techniques, shapes, materials and concepts used in contemporary design.

The Introductory presentation took place from 20 to 28 October 2012 in Kortrijk Belgium. The presentation included works by:
Johanneke van Helden, Daphna Laurens, Lotty Lindeman & Wouter Scheublin, Max Lipsey, Mieke Meijer, Dennis Parren, Karmen Saat, Dik Scheepers, Pascal Smelik, Rick Tegelaar, Frederike Top, Jetske Visser and Jeroen Wand.

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    Johanneke van Helden Johanneke van Helden

The Cubes Collection of Johanneke van Helden is based on architectural forms and geometrical shapes that lose their sharpness by wearing these structures as a necklace. Through gravity and the bodily shape, the necklace gets its roundness and elegance and the interplay between two- and three-dimensional begins.
  Jeroen Wand

A stool which is also a dresser and a light. This amalgam of furniture by Jeroen Wand puts forward a method wher unusual combinations enhance the product's qualities.
  Daphna Laurens Daphna Laurens
'Cover Collection'

Cover is a collection of containers. Containers that make you curious, curious of what is inside of them. The covers can be seperated from the bowls to fill them, or they can be used independently as open containers.
    Mieke Meijer
Mieke Meijer

Balance is a wooden LED lamp that only illuminates when perfectly balanced. Over the entire lenght of both posts a brass strip conducts a low voltage current. When the brass strips touch, the electrical circuit is completed and the light turns on.

    Dik Scheepers
Dik Scheepers
'Pieces of π'

In this project by Dik Scheepers the imperfection of the production method is not hidden. Pieces of π clearly shows its fabrication including its mistakes. The moulds are not evenly finished to enhance the products rough edges and give the objects their own unique character.

  Karmen Saat Karmen Saat
'Rotten Beauty'

For this project by Karmen Saat, rotten fruits have been used as models to capture the naturally beautiful process of decay. The use of clay enhances the fragility and preciousness of textures, whilst making the vessel hygienic and usable. The pieces have been shaded with complementing colour gradients, creating a iridescent colour illusion when moved up and down.
  Dennis Parren Dennis Parren

The CMYK Lamp includes the innovative LED technology to project cyan, magenta and yellow onto its surroundings. The object itself is simple and unpretentious, however the reflection of the light has a grandeur which takes over the space with a colourful graphic scheme.
Lotty Lindeman Lotty Lindeman & Wouter Scheublin

A stiched fabric, two oak boards, three lacquered boards and four oak beams. These are the simple ingredients for a straightforward design.
  Rick Tegelaar Rick Tegelaar

Meshmatics by Rick Tegelaar is a series of lamps made from bamboo paper and chicken wire. Tegelaar developed a special machine and a set of tools to enable an accurate shaping of the chicken wire structure. The Meshmatics project shows how new tools and methods can give even the most banal materials new qualities.

  Jetske Visser
Jetske Visser

Jetske Visser designed scarfs inspired by the Japanese Suminagashi technique. Due to the hydrophobia reaction of water and oil based pigments, subtle patterns form itself on the surface of the water. Visser captured and fixated this fluid pattern of liquid tension on delicate silk.

  Max Lipsey Max Lipsey

Acciaio (Italian for steel) is a series of chairs and stools inspired by the bicycle. The products are created out of steel bicycle tubing and perforated leather. This combination makes for an exeptionally lightweight and strong chair. Acciaio comes in 16 colours (each colour is named after a classic bike builder).
  Frederike Top Frederike Top
'Parabolic Lamp'

The Parabolic lamps by Frederike Top are inspired by the principles of paraboloids with which architects like Antoni Gaudi experimented in the past.

In addition to the three-dimensional qualities of the paraboloid, the two-dimensional geometric patterns are also used for the design of the lamps which resulted in a collection where the spectator, who stands exactly underneath the lamp, sees the object as a flat geometric figure.
  Pascal Smelik Pascal Smelik

Kaarsrecht is a project where the notion of chance is brought forward through the project's aesthetics. Liquid wax and water are the core ingredients. By pouring the wax into water via different means, the two materials draw uot the shape of the product which can vary from a stool to a candleholder. The designer can control the process, however a primary part of the forming method is based on the uncontrollability of the was versus the water.