Inside of Mobile


Kortrijk Interieur 2012


During the Kortrijk Interieur Biennale 2012 Inside of Mobile launches its first presentation.

Inside of Mobile explores the possibilities for creating a new understanding of contemporary design via a unique combination of consecutive presentations. These will serve as the visualization of an ongoing research into the formation of a new design manifesto.

The Introductory presentation at the Interieur Biennale introduces the audience with the numerous possibilities and different developments within the design field. This presentation, as a prologue, focusses on the diversity of techniques, shapes, materials and concepts used in contemporary design.

The Introductory presentation takes place from 20 to 28 October 2012 at Dam 2 (Buda Island Gallery) in Kortrijk Belgium. The presentation will include works by:
Johanneke van Helden, Daphna Laurens, Lotty Lindeman & Wouter Scheublin, Max Lipsey, Mieke Meijer, Dennis Parren, Karmen Saat, Dik Scheepers, Pascal Smelik, Rick Tegelaar, Frederike Top, Jetske Visser and Jeroen Wand.

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